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You & I’ is a love song. It’s saying that you’re inseparable and nothing can get in the way of you and your love.

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I wish for him


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Parents ask what PR is. 

moving on is hard
simply because we are stuck
in the same routine

of forcing ourselves
to forget a part of us—
a part that has loved

too much to forget
as easily as breathing.
we are still in love

and that’s the problem.
you can’t stop loving someone
overnight, asleep.

it takes time to stop
breathing, surviving, being
without the other.

and even when you
finally learn to exist

you will never stop
loving. deep down, a part of
you will never stop.

they become a part
of your whole anatomy,
your whole existence.

you just learn, with time:
some things are not meant to be.
but a better one

will soon come along.
so take your time moving on.
it’s okay for you

to take time and be
stuck. if only to breathe
and collect the parts

of yourself you have
given away loving them.
take time to move on.


Coachella life. Day 2 =) xx